General Questions

Genesis is prohibited by law from disclosing results to anyone but your doctor. Please call the doctor that ordered the test.

We are open Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm.

Please call with additional questions, 732-389-1530.

Diarrhea Pathogen Panel / Stool Collection

Yes! Please see our Location/Contact page for directions to our facility.

Yes- you should have received one tube with liquid and one without. This IS normal, and the different tubes are used for different tests,

The tube with the blue top and the scoop should be half filled. The tube with the liquid needs about 3 scoops.

Stool samples are sent priority overnight, so they are received the next day.

Your sample is good for about a week, whether you freeze it or not. The sooner you send it, the better.

No. The toilet might have contaminated the sample. Do not send in a stool that fell into the toilet. Instead, have your bowel movement into a sheet of plastic wrap stretched over the toilet or a plastic bag.