Genesis Toxicology Laboratory is a CLIA certified, CAP accredited, and HIPAA compliant facility, specializing in comprehensive urine and oral fluid drug toxicology for all purposes. Our laboratory’s quality assurance program is consistent with the high standards of the clinical laboratory industry, and we follow the guidelines established by CAP and other international standard organizations.

Genesis has state of the art instruments to provide our customers the most reliable screening and confirmatory results. We begin by using Immunoassay Screening, which is highly regarded in the industry, with adulterant test panels. Results are quantified and confirmed by ultra perfomance liquid chromatography and tandem spectrometer (UP- LC-MS/MS): the gold standard in the industry, known for its precision and high level of accuracy.





• Customized test panels and reports
• Personalized delivery of reports
• Continued patient history reported at a glance
• 48 hour turnaround time
• Fast, secure, hassle-free specimen pickup
• Knowledgable, friendly customer support available via phone and email





Genesis will always stand behind our quality, accurate test results and fast turn around time. Our highly-qualified personnel provide proven results on the presence of drugs and their metabolites, and a qualified expert who can testify with scientific certainty of our findings